Zombie Eradication Defense Squadron Training

Preparing to eradicate the walking dead!

Zombie Eradication Defense Squadron, Z.E.D.S., training is a specialized type of firearm training that prepares the Trainee for the impending zombie apocalypse. None of us know when or if the dead will walk, but I sure want to be ready. How about you? Remember, you don't have always out run the Zombies, you just have to out run your least liked friend. Sometimes a swift kick or a well place shot to your friend's knee will help you survive the Zombie attack!

In the beginning Zombies were only able to walk with a slow dragging gate, ala "Night of the Living Dead." Most recently, Zombies has been able to run at super human speeds with extraordinary strength, ala "World War Z." We must be ready not only with provisions like food and water, we must be ready for Zombie eradication. This is where Hot Shot Training Academy Z.E.D.S. training comes in.

Z.E.D.S. training is concentrated training which focuses on controlling your shots to a very small target, the zombie's head, at a variety of distances. The Z.E.D.S. Trainees in this class need to be familiar with their firearms, handgun and rifle or shotgun. The course will be set up to take "Zombie" targets at distances ranging from 5 to 200 yards. The course will involve a variety of shooting positions, prone, kneeling, sitting and standing. The course of fire will also include shooting from running and retreating positions.

Trainees need to bring at least 300 rounds of handgun ammunition and another 300 rounds of ammunition for your long gun of choice. Trainees will use 100 rounds for practice and 200 rounds to run through the course. Trainees will go through the course twice, once with a handgun and a second time with a long gun. Z.E.D.S. Trainees may bring their own targets if they wish. Targets must be no smaller than 23" x 33" and must be able to be stapled to a target stand. The class is held at an outdoor range. Depending on the number of participants, the class can take between 4 and 8 hours. The cost for this class is $195.00. All the instructors for this class are NRA Certified Instructors and Z.E.D.S. Responders, many are also concealed carry instructors.

If you are interested in being a Z.E.D.S. Trainee and eventually a Z.E.D.S. Responder, please e-mail Michelangelo regarding the class schedule. Private group sessions can also be arranged for your convenience. Z.E.D.S. Responder classes will be set up once the weather gets a little warmer. While you are waiting to become a Z.E.D.S. Responder please take the time to practice.

Free zombie targets are available from our friends at www.Rem870.com.


Protect your family, don't let this happen to your little princess.