Photo Op

Hot Shot Training Academy's students have shot competitive "High Power" matches, hunted big game all over the world and even appeared on the cover of a hunting magazine! Below are some of their crowning achievements. If you are a Hot Shot Training Academy graduate and have photos to share, please send them in. We would love to post them here.

March 2014  (1).jpg
March 2014  (10).jpg
March 2014  (2).jpg
March 2014  (3).jpg
March 2014  (4).jpg
March 2014  (5).jpg
on_Target_Practice_12-24-12 (3).jpg
on_Target_Practice_12-24-12 (4).jpg
on_Target_Practice_12-24-12 (5).jpg
on_Target_Practice_12-24-12 (6).jpg
on_Target_Practice_12-24-12 (7).jpg